Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday Fiction, Angry

Welcome to Friday Fiction! This week it is being hosted by Dorinda at her blog,
Treasures in Jars of Clay


Stephie sighed as she lay in bed. Grandma Norie always said if you wanted God to hear you, then you’d best be on your knees and praying out loud. Grandma Maurine always said that if Jesus was your Savior, you could be upside down on your head praying silently and He would still hear you. She believed in her heart that Grandma Maurine was right. Still, she always felt better if she did kneel and pray out loud, even if God could still hear her if she didn’t.

Pushing aside the covers, she got out of bed and knelt. “Lord, Father God, I’m just too tired to carry this anger any more. Will You carry it for me? I suppose that bugger deserves a little punishment, considering all he’s done to me. But I don’t suppose you are angry at him, too. You are so patient, loving and kind. If You were ever as angry at me as I get at him, there might not be much left of me since You are so very big and I am so very small. You see and know it all – even all the things in me that could make You angry if You had a mind to be.

There are a lot of things in this world that are so much bigger than me. They are so much more than I can handle, far more than I can bear. Just thinking about them sometimes makes me weary. Sad, too. How is it that You don’t seem worried? Things like justice and revenge are far too much for me to endure. I can’t take being bitter and unforgiving – it takes more energy than I have to spend. All this stomping about in a fit of anger and rage just wears me out.

Father, will You help me to learn to sit back and trust You, and to lean on You and let you deal with him? I really do want to sit back and rest a bit, and let You carry this burden.

You’ll probably forgive him. Just like You’ve done with me so many times before. I’m thankful that You forgive me. How could I live without your forgiveness? I couldn’t, of course. So I suppose while You are forgiving him, You’ll have to forgive me, too, just for being unforgiving and angry. I can’t really keep all your forgiveness for myself, can I? So, I thank You for your mercy and patience and kindness and forgiveness, not only for me, but for him as well. He certainly needs you, too. Father, I do forgive him, in Jesus’ name!

And Lord, while You are at it – carrying the burden of my anger and forgiving me, too – could also You please do something with this weariness? Sitting back and letting You carry all my heavy loads could become a pleasant habit, but I wouldn’t want to become guilty of laziness! With a smile that turned to a giggle, Stephie climbed back into bed and went peacefully to sleep.


Joanne Sher said...

Oh, I LIKE it! Such honesty. Enjoyed this.

Patty Wysong said...

Aw, Sherri, I loved it! I could hear and feel her personality all through this and it was delightful!