Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday Fiction,
Henry's Rock

Welcome to Fiction Friday! Sharlyn Guthrie of Dancin' On Rainbows is the host for this week. If you are participating with your own story, be sure to link up with the Mclinky on her blog.

Although I have been working on my "DD series" I didn't get the next part finished, so my own contribution is a story that got published on Faith Writers Magazine way back in '05. Click to go to Henry's Rock. Hope you enjoy it and the other great fiction on Sharlyn's blog!



Hoomi said...

From before I joined FW. I can see why it was chosen for the magazine, as the story is delightful.

Sharlyn Guthrie said...

I grew up hunting for rocks with my father, who was a rock hound, so I related to your story, and liked it a lot. I was also surprised to learn that you have been around Faithwriters that long. Wow!

BethL said...

Sherri, I'm glad you posted a link to that delightful story. (It was written before my FW days.) I totally enjoyed every aspect of it.

Peter Stone said...

Funny story Sherri, it reads like an old fashioned fairy tale, even had me chuckling.