Monday, April 12, 2010

God had a Plan,
Being First
First Love

Within my "God Had a Plan" theme, I have had a second theme going - thoughts on "Being First" which has produced a lot of thinking and independent Bible study on my part. In writing out more based on that theme, I was searching through my own blog - to see what I've already done there and what remains only on my computer (or even in my mind!) I found a piece written back in October which happens to fit the theme perfectly - so this morning I am simply going to give you the link to "Return to Your First Love."
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Barbara said...

Yes this is very good, too many have left their first love and gone back to the hog pen, may we always stay close to Christ, and may we reflection often on how much we love him, and just how we felt when we first accepted him as our saviour, oh praise God for all he did for me. Thank you lord.
Hugs Barbara