Thursday, April 16, 2015

Letting Go of Anxious Thoughts, Tuning in to Quiet Whispers

When I began to dust off this blog with the intention of starting to blog again, I wanted not only a new look, but a subtitle that reflected a bit of where I am at in a spiritual sense. What have I been learning lately? That led me to the thought,  "It's about letting go of anxious thoughts and tuning in to quiet whispers." Hence, my new subtitle.

It's always hard to come back to something when you've been out of it for a while. And I have been out of blogging for a long while! But I've finally finished a writing project that I have been working on literally for years, and I do want to share it with you. I've published a short novel, Three O'Clock, through Amazon's Create Space. Whether or not you are at all interested in the book itself, I hope you will be happy with me - this has been a long journey to complete what I believe was an assignment from the Lord.

I've created a new website - Butterfly Feet Publications and it has all the links to the book - on Amazon, on Create Space, and on Amazon Kindle. But I will also share them with you right here:

Three O'Clock on Create Space

Three O'Clock on Amazon

Amazon Kindle Version of Three O'Clock

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