Monday, February 23, 2009

Blog Award

Well how fun is this! Sara Harricharan of In Shades of Scarlet has awarded me a "fabulous blog award" along with four others. The only problem I will have is passing it along to only five others as there are so many good ones out there to choose from!

The rules of this award are as follows: Confess 5 things I am addicted to and then to pass on this award to 5 other sisters.

Thinking about the things I am currently addicted to reminds me of the things I am no longer addicted to, thanks to our wonderful Lord! Those things were not good and included cigarettes, caffeine literally all day long, and living in fantasy land.

So now, having been a Christian for more than 35 years, what have I become addicted to? THE LIST:
  • God's love. That He finds me and speaks to me and comforts me, whether it's through His word, song lyrics, words spoken or written by others who love Him, or even a sighting of something special in His creation, such as a coyote or nuthatch.

  • God's voice in my life, that gentle, quiet whisper, and that tug on my heart until my actions follow. Along with that is my journal, where I do actually try to write down the things I believe He is saying to me, along with meditations and writings.

  • My immediate family, all those special people closest to my heart including my husband of 35 years, my three sons and two daughters-in-law, and twin granddaughters.

  • My friends, mainly my sisters in the Lord!

  • Computer stuff - Love this blogging and really the reading and writing, and that God would use my talents in this way is way too fun. Also love a few other computer things - art and web design. They are rather like the "after school fun" in my life.

I could go on with things like chocolate, but hey, I'm at five!

Now for just a few (five) of the sisters who have blessed me:
  • Yvonne Blake, because not only do I enjoy her writing but her simple faith is obvious, and I like the way she invites people to write her with questions. She also includes pictures I enjoy.
    My Back door Ministry

  • Betsy Markman, because I had the chance to meet her and she is a sincere woman of faith. I appreciate her teacher's heart and the effort she makes to research her topics.
    Just Another Clay Pot

  • Dee Yoder, because she is delightful! You will enjoy her writing and her love for the Lord, too.
    My Heart's Delight

  • Julie Arduini, because she is a gifted writer as well, with a love for the Lord.
    The Surrendered Scribe

  • Laura Lee Shaw, because she just has such a dedication to our Lord! You will appreciate her sweet heart. Although her blog is undergoing a change, I am sure it will be great.
    Selah Pause. Ponder. Praise.



The Surrendered Scribe said...

Thank you so much, you made my day. I love these blogs so much, for you to include my blog with them, wow.

Congrats to you and thanks of thinking of The Surrendered Scribe!

Dee Yoder said...

Thank you, Sherri! I appreciate this award very much. I plan to post for it tomorrow. Lovely of you!

Yvonne said...

Thanks, Sheri... I'm honored!


LauraLee Shaw said...

This could not have come at a better time. Thank you so much!

I used to be addicted to overspending and binge eating, but HE has set me free!!! So glad He has made you overcome as well.